Sporting Shooters Association of Australia T03 Glenorchy - Safe and Inclusive
G.P.O. Box 1366 Hobart Tasmania 7001       Secretary:  mob.  0412 299 209      
Updated: 30/08/2017

 New members welcome! - Juniors, ladies and gents young and not so young 
Wide range of disciplines to suit most physical abilities

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For all AGM news see Bull Barrel 36 out soon

* 35th edition of Bull Barrel out now - June 2017.
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* 2017 Calendar    2017 Roster       

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 Reminder that IPSC is an 11am start - 10.30 to help set-up.
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                                     Events - AIF Range: 

* 21/10/2017 RF FR & 3P State Titles  info  AIF Range

                                    Events - Mitchell Range:  
* 26-27th August Winter Western Action Showdown  info    Pics


* A reminder that the B Range is only available for practice until 12 noon on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays. The range is needed for other disciplines in the afternoons.

* No jacketed ammo permitted.
                 State and National Titles/Competitions hosted by T03 Glenorchy:

* 21/10/2017 RF FR & 3P State Titles  info  AIF Range
* 26/11/2017 CF FR & 3P State Titles  info  Blue Hills


Events - Blue Hills and other clubs
(Please confirm all details with the relevant club)